Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Knew Your Folks

That's what the man said who came to remove the gas meter.

He was a little upset at first. He asked me if this was one of those "eminent domain" deals. I assured him it wasn't and told him my dad died a year ago and we were in the process of selling some of the land. He asked about the house and I told him it was going to be torn down. He said he always liked that house and it was a shame it would be removed.

He was younger than I am by a good many years I'd guess. But we were in the same generation I think. Still, I doubt he ever knew a time when the house was not there. It is the only house still in one half mile in all directions from the corner. That's pretty remarkable really. It's not the only building of course.

Quite a number of people have commented to me about the house and the farm and how much they will miss it. One person told me it had always represented a kind of stability and permanence to him. I thought that interesting because it also represented that to me although likely for different reasons.

The man from the gas company did know a lot about my dad. He said that Dad had talked his leg off a time or two. He remembered a lot of details about those conversations and what he shared I know were true. That made me feel really good.

It did not make me feel as good when he set the meter in his truck and drove away. I will turn off the water to the house this next week. The septic system is gone now. I don't know why I haven't turned the water off yet. Somehow I don't really want to do it. Then that will only leave the electric service. Very soon there will be no need of it either.

Yesterday we were with the horse when the vet arrived. After his examination he said he had noticed my cap and what was embroidered on it. He said "Is that your farm over there?" He meant Dad's farm of course. My son had some caps made with the name on it. They were astonishingly popular. I suppose we should make some more maybe. Anyway I answered that it was.

He then told about when he was a new vet and how he "pulled many a calf" over there. That would have been during the early 1990's. That kind of gave me goose bumps to meet someone that was so involved in my parents' lives then when I was not and far away from them. We had a good conversation about my dad and delivering calves and so on.

Later I told my son about meeting the vet and I'll tell my brother, too. It just seems like something that should be shared.

The lady from the paper called and asked me about the fire station property. She was very interested in how much it was worth and I told her I didn't really know and she said the city manager had told her a number and I said that was probably about right then.

I wondered if everything had to be reduced to dollars and cents.

Otherwise we had a good conversation I think but you never know on these kinds of things with reporters until you read them later in the paper. I asked her to spell our name correctly and she said she would. That would be nice.

We have more medicine to give the sick horse. His (the horse that is) name is Jet. His breathing is better but he has a sore foot or leg. I think he probably hurt himself overnight. He doesn't like being away from his buds. He's getting a pedicure today. We have him on a strict diet, too. He needs to lose about 150 pounds or so. Maybe someone needs to lock me up in a corral.

The vet talked about what it was like in his job when he first started. It is hard figuring out what is wrong with animals. Big animals are even harder because they are so big. It's hard to take a horse into the ER even if there were any. There are fewer and fewer big animal vets around, too. He said sometimes he just can't go where he is requested because it is too far.

I had to sign some papers and met my son at a Sonic about 1/2 way in between. He said I smelled like a horse. I have to go wash those clothes and get ready for the next round today.

We're working hard to close on the Chick-Fil-A. Maybe even this next week. If we do that will put us at 2 years and 10 months for this one transaction. It will be one year and a few weeks since dad's death.


Lori1955 said...

That's cool that these guys knew your dad. It's always nice to hear good stories about someone from someone who knew them without the AD.

I know absolutely nothing about horses but how do you get a horse to lose 150 pounds?

Wow almost 3 years for one deal? Unbelievable. These deals could take you the rest of your life.

~Betsy said...

I love meeting people who knew my parents. It always gives me a sense of satisfaction that someone else knew and appreciated them, too.

How did Jet get hurt?

flintysooner said...

Lori - some horses (as well as some other animals and possibly me) seem to not be able to control their eating very well. The other 3 horses do but if there is food then Jet eats it. So we have him in a corral by himself and are controlling what he gets other than grass he can graze. The vet thought he was at least 150 lbs over. Now keep in mind he probably weighs 1500 or 1600 pounds. He's a big, strong boy.

We worried about keeping him away from the other horses. The corral he is in is not too large but still big enough for him to run. And that's what he did for a long while. He would test the fence at various places to see if he might find a weak place. So we think he might have some kind of injury. The vet couldn't tell.

The bigger problem could be if he is foundering. That's really serious.

We're going down now to give him some more meds.

I think my caregiving experience helps me here.

Annie said...

Wishing Jet a speedy recovery.

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

I could really relate to seeing things getting shut off one by one. That bothered me over at my parents house. I blogged about it at one point. There is just a finality of seeing things you have seen humming along for several years all the sudden come to a halt. That's rough.

I wish Jet a speedy recovery as well. I wonder if I can call myself a "big strong girl"? Somehow that sounds better than "plus size" lol!