Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hurricanes Gustav and Katrina

I am starting this post early in the morning on Monday, September 1, 2008.

I was remembering this morning how awful it was when Hurricane Kristina devastated New Orleans. And I was hoping and praying that the City of New Orleans would be spared that same level of destruction from this year's Hurricane Gustav.

The news is reporting that Hurricane Gustav is somewhat diminished. But I remember during Katrina that we all thought the same thing. I recall commentators even saying something about the city missing a bullet or some such. Then later the storm surge or the retreating surge swamped the levees and turned New Orleans into a hellish place.

So I'll update this later.

Well it is after noon now and things definitely seem to be better than expected. I can't allow myself to rest easily yet though.

It's about 4 pm now and the news is that there are at least 1 million without power in Louisiana and along the gulf coast. It still appears that New Orleans has been spared. There are a couple of other parishes that have serious problems.

Still I'm unwilling to entirely rest easy because all that water that came in has to leave somehow. I'm still praying.

In a way it is funny that I am so hesitant. Maybe it is my wariness meter.

I don't know if I will post anymore or not.

10:00 pm - just checked Yahoo News and the headline is Gustav only sideswipes New Orleans. I guess I'll accept that but I still have a nagging concern. Guess we will all know tomorrow when they can get out and make damage assessments.

There is another hurricane named Hannah and a tropical depression named Ike. There's also another one behind Ike that is not yet even a depression that will be named Josephine if it develops.


Lori1955 said...

What a difference it has made in the preparedness for this hurricane. I did see a lot of homes under water on the news last night but thank God that not a lot of lives were lost this time.
I'll still take California earthquakes over these other disasters. I understand that hurricane season lasts until November! Don't know how people deal with that.

Susan M said...

Flinty, I am so grateful at this point that New Orleans was spared, as are you.

Did I pick up that you may not post anymore? Or is that just my wariness meter?

Believe me that I treasure your posts. I wish that I could tell you how much. Much going on here in Ga including the 4th "going home" of our family since we moved back from Southlake.

Please tell me I misread, or that I'm so tired I don't read things right.

Susan M

flintysooner said...

Hi Susan,

You read it correctly but I meant only that I might not write more in that post about Gustav. Sorry, I should have been a little less concise.

I have been thinking about my blogging future. I intend to continue blogging at least a while past the anniversary of my dad's death.