Saturday, September 13, 2008

Developmnet Update - New Fire Station

These are renderings of the City of Moore's new Fire Station 1. 

A few years before my dad's death but well after my mother's I received a phone call from the Assistant City Manager requesting a meeting.

He and the Fire Chief came together for the meeting and we three as well as my dad sat in the living room of dad's home.

The men from the City explained that the City needed to build a new fire station and they were interested in locating it somewhere on our property if possible.  At the time they believed they needed about 2 acres or so and the project would include a fire station as well as an administration area and an emergency services area.

Emergency services is very important in Moore ever since the huge tornado we experienced on May 3, 1999.  I very well recall that date because that was just a few months after I came to live with mom and dad and mom had only been home from the hospital a few  months.  Still she was not able to walk very much and so I was fixing meals for us and we were eating upstairs in her bedroom.

But the May 3rd tornado was so large and was coming directly towards us that Dad and I, together, managed to get mom down the stairs to the basement.  I had mom on this office chair so I could roll her around.  Fortunately for us the tornado turned slightly away from us but it still caused terrible damage and awful loss of life.  Not far from us is where the fastest wind speed on Earth was recorded.

That day the City of Moore and the people who work in the government and the citizens and especially the emergency services people were tested beyond measure.  So emergency services is very important to everyone who lives here.

After they left dad and I talked it over and he decided it would be a good thing for us to give the land required by the City for the fire station.

We told the City and the citizens subsequently voted by a large majority to pay for the new fire station with a sales tax increase.  So now the time has come for the facility to be built and staffed.

My family and I are very happy that we've been able to honor our parents' wishes and, also, to honor our parents in this way.


Lori1955 said...

What a great way to honor your parents. The fire station looks like it is quite large. It will be a wonderful addition to your community. How long will it take to build it?

flintysooner said...

I think it will take nearly a year. They hope to start in October I think.

We all like the design a lot.