Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sarah's Friends

I watched an interview of Sarah Palin's closest (according to interview) friends  on Monday morning on ABC's GMA. 

GMA means Good Morning America just in case there are others out there who didn't know. I didn't but I don't watch much over-air TV. I am relegated to that fate now when I exercise because of the absence of cable and satellite. I had forgotten how much I enjoy having cable or satellite.  But that's a different post.

The image is a screen capture of the ABC News web page. It's hard to read at this size but there's a headline that reads "With Friends Like These: Palin Buds Unsure" and it links to another page with the headline Palin Divides Women Voters, Even Her Closest Friends.

Then below that is the subhead 'In an Exclusive "GMA" Interview, Friends of Sarah Palin Say They Disagree on Some Issues.' The first two headlines make it sound like they disagree on everything and then the subhead softens it a bit.

There's a video of the interview on the web page. They make you watch an advertisement first but it isn't too long. Just make sure you don't click next page while the video is playing or you have to watch an ad again when you try to back up.

The group calls themselves the "Elite Six" but the name seems more harmless fun poking than serious arrogance. I assume Palin would be number five and there's no explanation where or who number six is or why she's missing.

I found it interesting because the headlines and the buildup on GMA made me think that Sarah's closest friends were really going to be disrespecting (can't bring myself to use dissing) their "friend." But the actual interview seemed pretty innocuous to me.

Two of the friends were pro-abortion and mentioned that. One of those also disagreed with Palin's position on Polar Bears. There was one definite vote for Palin and one "I'm not telling" and two "I've not made up my mind."

I was interested in the issue of relationship versus political doctrine. I've posted about this issue before in a blog entry titled "Relationship or doctrine?"

So that interest and the lack of anything at all to watch while exercising except for the Spanish language stations which seem to come in rather clearly made me decide to watch the segment.

One of my friends ran for political office not too long ago. Before he announced I thought I'd support another candidate. But after my friend chose to ran I supported him. He didn't win the primary if you're wondering.

But back to Sarah's friends though.

The interview didn't seem to me to reveal the same discord among Palin's friends as I had expected from the headlines. In fact the friends seemed pretty positive about her and actually said some pretty good stuff. One person commented about how honest and trustworthy Palin is.

At any rate I thought I had a doctrine versus relationship example but no so much.


~Betsy said...

I don't understand why all the politicians are labeled as pro choice and pro life. I don't see Roe v. Wade being turned around anytime soon. It really is a personal issue and has more to do with conscience than law. Just my general opinion...

Lori1955 said...

I watched some interviews with Governor Palin's friends on Fox last night. I find some of the questions they asked to be downright silly. I have to assume that since they are her "friends" that they like her. My vote certainly will not be about what her friends like or dislike. I like Governor Palin for what she believes in and has demonstrated. I really don't understand the purpose of interviews like that.