Monday, September 10, 2007

Love and Companionship

Mrs. Flinty gave me this photograph for Valentine's Day one year.

I like it a lot. It sits in its frame on my desk. Unlike me who no longer sits at my desk.

The couple in the picture reminds me of us. They aren't kids anymore but they aren't ancient either. They are positioned side-by-side with each other. They are working together on an ordinary chore. They have that easy familiarity. They are sensual but the appetite is not voracious.

They are washing more plates than two would use unless they've let them accumulate and that's very possible. Or maybe they've had a party. Mrs. Flinty and I would like to entertain someday. We both miss being able to do that. Maybe we could have our children over with all our grandchildren. Or maybe we could have the church orchestra over sometime. Or a Bible study perhaps. Or just some old friends and grill out.

I like the window, too. I can see a tree outside the window and it seems to be sunny outside. That's a window I can imagine standing at in our new home - wherever and whenever and however we get to have one. Except the kitchen has to have a dishwasher. I like the really light room. Light makes me happy.

That fellow is wearing those over the calf socks, too. They are both quite fashionable to be washing dishes. I think they might be going somewhere. Maybe it is early Sunday morning and they're getting ready for church.

Church was good last Sunday. I really enjoy church. I think I like the singing part the best. Singing is not my thing really but I like listening. Sometimes I can sing and sometimes I just enjoy standing there and listening and watching and feeling.

There's just something really wonderful about standing there in the midst of a so many people all praising the Lord and lifting their voices together in worship and praise. I look around the congregation and many are holding outstretched their hands and arms. Some are dancing and many are swaying or rocking. Most are clapping.

There are many down front praying with the elders and the staff. There are so many needs and hurts and pain in a congregation this size.

The orchestra is playing and the choir is singing. The worship team leader moves us all together seamlessly from one song to another. There's a real sense to me of being enveloped in love.

That's the same feeling I sense from that picture.


Lori1955 said...

Best of all, I can tell from the picture that Mrs. Flinty has a good sense of humor.
I too miss entertaining. We used to have people over all the time. I loved cooking for lots of people but these days I rarely cook at all.
Your church sounds nice. When I was younger I used to attend a church that on Saturday nights it was all music. They packed the place and we were even sitting on the floor. Good memories.

nancy said...

i think i love the singing in church best of all as well. it made me smile to hear your description of people rocking and swaying and clapping. many times i find singing at church way too somber and wish we could liven it up, kinda like the movie "sister act"

i too look forward to the day when we can have people over to entertain for dinner. i love to cook as well. in time......

~Betsy said...

I have vivid memories of my dad singing in church. He was always off tune, but I loved hearing him. "Faith of Our Fathers" is my favorite hymn. If I close my eyes and try real hard, I can almost hear him singing it.

Chris said...

My dad has an awesome voice. Baritone. He sang barbershop. I used to love it when songs had parts for the deep voices like "Joy to the World". Memories...

The couple reminds me of my parents. 61 years and Mom still liked the way Dad looked in his white golf shorts.