Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The last several days have not been very good.

Tuesday afternoon dad decided all of a sudden to wear a pair of my glasses. He has glasses but he has not worn them since he was diagnosed in 2001. I have no idea.

The hospice nurse came. She lost a patient over the weekend. Dad was lying crosswise on the bed, about 1/2 on and 1/2 off, but still was able to kick at her when she touched his ankle. Last Thursday I showed her that his ankle seemed swollen but more like injured than fluid. Today it was back to normal. I suppose we will never know what happened if anything. She managed to listen to his chest though. I told her he seemed to have a head cold and was coughing some. Of course he didn't cough while she was here.

She asked when his last BM was and I told her it was yesterday. We discussed that he had not used the toilet or beside toilet in a long while. I told her I didn't think he really knew how any longer.

At 2 pm my hospice volunteer arrived and I walked across to the office. About 20 minutes elapsed and the volunteer called and asked me to return. Dad was trying to run her out of the house. She finally had to go up to my room to get out of his way. Then he calmed down. It upset her and probably scared her a little.

The same thing happened last Thursday to my other aide. She told me "That's the first time he's been mean to me!"

I realized I have gotten so accustomed to it myself that it is normal for me. I've forgotten what it is like for a "civilian" to experience it. I am not very empathetic with my aides. I need to be more aware of them and their needs.

Later the aide called again and asked me to return because she said my dad was in the bathroom. I thought she meant he had just walked in the bathroom. But when I walk in the door I find dad on the toilet in the small bathroom! He has his depends down and is obviously having a bowel movement. I could not believe my eyes.

The volunteer said "I didn't know he did that anymore." I told her he hadn't for weeks or months maybe. After she left I finally got him cleaned up. Actually he did a pretty good job. Amazing.

But at supper he couldn't feed himself so I fed him.

So he was aggressive with several today, went to the toilet on his own, couldn't feed himself, and began wearing my glasses.

Plus we're still having sleep problems. No exercise today for me and barely any yesterday and none over the weekend.

Just amazing.

This is Dad and his Palomino mare, Babe, about middle 1950's. I always thought Dad was a striking figure when he was riding Babe.


Lori1955 said...

Wow, it's hard enough when they are changing daily but your dad seems to be going through so many changes just in the course of one day. I know this must be hard on you. I hold you and your dad in my heart.
Yes your dad does look striking on that horse. Something about that picture makes him look like a pillar of strength.

~Betsy said...

I really admire your ability to roll with the punches - no pun intended. My mom's weekly changes make me nuts, yet your dad changes within the hour.

Your dad looks so handsome on Babe. I'll bet he rode her while doing work on the farm. Farmers were and still are the best equestrians becasue they learn out of necessity.

I like the photo of your dad in your glasses. He looks a lot like you with them on.

nancy said...

your day reminds me so much of recent days with my dad, so many changes, that's why i feel like i'm on a roller coaster.

my thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad.

Kathy NC said...

You are so awesome! Thanks for your comments on my blog. They make me feel good!


SKYGIRL said...

Hey Flinty! I feel so 'remise' I seemed to have missed several Days of your Blogging! I did not know you had Horses, in your family, and maybe currently? Check out my Blog today, it isall about Palominos! I am currently hunting for a very old pictre of them!

Mrs. Flinty is a beauty too! Do you still own "Jet?"

flintysooner said...

Mrs. Flinty owns Jett. They (she and her mom that is) are down to 5 horses now.