Thursday, September 6, 2007

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007 - about 7 AM.

In 6 days it will be the 6th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the United States that destroyed the twin towers in New York City. I have begun thinking about that day and what I will write about it.

Today I awoke before 5 and decided to head for the exercise room. This is a low intensity day. I checked dad before I went down and he was snugly snoozing away.

I had about 15 minutes left when he surprised me by walking into the exercise room. He waved at me from the doorway. I waved back. I wondered if he was still angry with me from yesterday. Apparently not , so I guess we're buddies again. So he sat on the chair and waited for me to finish. Reminded me of Gomer Pyle's "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!"

It is a busy day for me today. I have a long lawyer meeting at noon, an appointment with the dermatologist for my dermatitis, errands, and a haircut appointment.

Wednesday - about 9 pm

I'm back now and it is still Wednesday. Supper is over and we're in dad's room watching TV. I had left the laptop downstairs and it took me a while to retrieve it. For one thing I was too tired to care.

The lawyer (there were 2 of them) meeting was 2 hours going over a lengthy contract. It is very important. I should have been better prepared. But I wasn't. And I'm on the knife's edge of anger. Eventually I will make sure I have studied it in detail. Even then I will feel guilty about it.

Many weeks ago now Dad scratched my neck and brought blood. Ever since I've been fighting this rash that has spread all around my neck and into my scalp and the tops of both forearms. It was bad enough that the blood bank refused to take my blood because of it. And it itched like crazy. After two appointments with my primary doc he referred me to a dermatologist. My primary gave me an injection, an oral antibiotic, and prescriptions for 3 high dollar creams. He treated it both for staph and fungal.

The dermatologist is not spending his money on an office facility for sure. And it takes forever to get an appointment, even for a follow-up. Dermatologists' waiting rooms are not the happiest places I've ever been. Nor the exam room for that matter.

Staring at me from a poster on the wall is the beautiful body of a young, female cheerleader. She would really be sexy except that her face has apparently been prematurely aged and cured in someone's smokehouse. Next to it is a baby with the same kind of face. Headlining both posters is text that declares that 80% of sun damage occurs before we're 18.

On the way to the exam room are more photographs and posters with various skin diseases. Makes me slightly sick to my stomach and wonder if I shouldn't try to escape.

These are not comforting images. It is a good thing they didn't care about taking my blood pressure because I'm pretty sure mine would have been elevated. If the purpose of the posters is to scare the life out of me then they were successful. Since I'm pretty far beyond 18 I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do about the sun.

Another thing I found somewhat disconcerting was that one of the young women working behind the counter was feeding about 100 million pages of something or other to this rather large document shredder. Just struck me funny a little but I'm in a peculiar mood today.

I waited in the waiting room for 15 minutes. Then I waited in the exam room for 15 minutes. I was thinking that I am really good at waiting. Also thought that this wasn't much different than my normal routine except dad isn't with me.

Well, the doc said my rash is lots better but not quite all gone yet. Plus my neck is discolored. I knew this of course but I suppose it was good to have a pro confirm it. He examined me from about 3 feet. I wondered if that was peculiar to the profession. Given the posters and pictures on the wall I would be uncomfortable at 3 feet. More prescriptions for more high dollar shampoo and high dollar cream. The last little tube of ointment was $70 after insurance but he assured me this new stuff is much cheaper. And I have to go back in a month.

I had my hair cut appointment afterwards. I could audition for the caveman show my hair is so long. But I figured it would freak out my barber to try to cut my hair with the rash and all. My hair cuts are $24. I wonder what a $400 hair cut would be like.

My errand was to buy some CD-Rs because Mrs. Flinty is entertaining relatives (that I do not know) on Friday and we are scanning photos and burning CD's. Originally I was supposed to pick up barbecue but I was relieved of that duty. And relief is the right word, too.

Dad is still up and sitting in his chair. He's been up at least 16 hours and shows no sign of being tired. He keeps saying something about "Where is he?" and pointing to his empty bed. I think he is talking about himself.

Wednesday - About midnight

Still up although I dozed off. Dad escaped during that time and has been on a tour of the entire house apparently. He has eaten all the cookies out of the cookie jar again but I only put 3 at a time in it.

Might as well post this now - since it is past midnight - and the new day is upon us.


Lori1955 said...

Oh Flinty, it sounds like you had a pretty lousy day and may be in for a long night too. I am so sorry. I think that's funny that you only put 3 cookies in the jar at a time. I hope things are better for you today.
By the way, my haircut only costs $16. Guess I'm a bit cheap. LOL

nancy said...

you do sound like you had a exhausting day. did the dermatologist ever say what he thought it was? i'm glad your dad is up and awake but hope you got some sleep. wish we lived closer, i would have cut your hair. i have cut bob's, matt's and mark's for over 10 years and now cut russ' too. a friend of mine cuts mine for $15 so i guess we get off pretty darn cheap in that department!

hope you have a good day.

flintysooner said...

My hair cut used to be cheaper but my guy has moved up in the world. I tried going to SuperCuts or something like that but I was confused about what number to tell them. Maybe I'll try it again.

The shampoo is Ketoconazole and is for anti-fungal. The creams and ointments have all been anti-bacterial. He told me yesterday that I have to keep treating it or it will return. He said it is something we always have. I said "Well why do I have the rash?" He said "We don't know."

Hospice gave me some Temazepam for Dad. That's some scary side effects.

~Betsy said...

What a long day, Flinty. Your dad's mobility is astonishing. It must be so difficult because you just never know when you can steal some time away for yourself. I find it intriguing that he toured the entire house. Did it look like he was searching for something?

Your dermatologist visit sounds like something out of a horror film. My son sees one for acne and her office looks like she is the CEO of some major company. Makes me wonder where my money is going.

I never would have guessed your dad is a cookie monster!

steflovesnonna said...

HI! two things about your post: First, I should not show you some of the photos I take if the skin disease ones make you sick. Its ok most people don't want to see my medical photos. Second, I to have been thinking about 9/11/01 and how different the world is for everyone and for myself now. I had just started my freshman year in high school, only like the 3ed day of class in a totally new building with really scary older kids... and only living 5ish hours from NYC it really hit me hard. I remember everyone going in the library to watch the news. I remember seeing my friends and teachers crying. Then when I got home I sat alone watching the news for hours. I wont ever forget how afraid I felt.

cornbread hell said...

i'm gonna quit telling you how great you are.(starting now.) if your head outgrows your hair your barber might really freak out!

the "where is he?" thing and your dad's sudden mobility and relative lucidity is downright fascinating.