Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mrs. Flinty

This is Mrs. Flinty with Jett.

Someone asked her yesterday if we were still together. It hurt her feelings and makes me feel guilty and angry.

Caregivers for Alzheimer's patients have a tough time and a lot has been said about that. But the caregivers' families also have a tough time.

Some people don't understand and are insensitive. Others do understand and are insensitive out of stupidity and/or meanness.

I don't have a house. I live in my dad's house. It's very different than my dad living in my house or our house. Mrs. Flinty has her own responsibilities for family and she owns a home. When we married we decided to keep her home.

I'm glad we did, too. I like going out there on Friday evenings and spending the night. There's something about being here in Dad's house that makes me always "on duty." Sometimes I can go out there and just fall asleep in her recliner. She would like to have a new home and I would, too. Someday we will. We will either buy or build a home together. But for right now that's just not possible.

She remodeled my bedroom over here at Dad's house and she used to stay some over here. This is a photo of my room after the remodel. The guy that did the wallpaper said to me "you didn't pick this paper out did you?" Those are little roses and flowers and stuff. I like it though - kind of proud of what she did in fact.

But it isn't very easy living over here. I think a lot of people think it must be something like two old men just being bachelors together. But it's not like that. So when she stayed over she would always leave in tears. I understand that, too, because sometimes I feel like leaving in tears myself.

I love Mrs. Flinty.


Lori1955 said...

Oh she is beautiful Flinty!! How lucky are you? You are truly blessed to have someone who understands that you are doing what you need to do. To accept your living arrangements, she must be one remarkable woman. Thanks for sharing her with us.

nancy said...


she is just as i pictured her, that wonderful smile of hers, so warm and full of life.

i agree she is remarkable to understand your need to do what you need to do at this time in your life. i'll bet your new bedroom with all the roses reminds you daily of her beauty and tenderness.

i pray that someday the two of you will share a long and wonderful life together.

thanks for sharing her!

~Betsy said...

Mrs. Flinty must be as beautiful inside as she is out. You have been blesses, Flinty.

I'm sorry she felt so upset about the insensitive comments. This journey really is hardest on the families.

Jett is a handsome horse - looks pretty young. Is it a mare or gelding?

cornbread hell said...

huh? where'd my comment go. did i say something wrong? if so, i sincerely apologize, flinty.

flintysooner said...

Yes, I am very lucky. The roses actually do remind me of her, too.

Jett is a gelding and that photo was made in 2002 I think. Her dad raced horses and actually won purses. The horses are kind of like big dogs now.

Cornbread - I never saw a comment from you - this is like those cell phone commercials about dropped lines!!!

cornbread hell said...

i wrote that the last post made me cry. and that mrs. flinty is beautiful (or maybe i asked if she has a sister...)
but i probably forgot to click on "publish."